What's new in Funnel

What’s new in Funnel CRM?

People love Funnel CRM, which is why we keep on finding ways to make it better for you. Now that 2019 is upon us, we have compiled some sweet updates for our sales CRM in case you missed out on them!

Funnel Multi user feature


First, we are super excited to announce the release of the much-anticipated “Multi-User” feature in Funnel CRM. The brand new multi-user functionality allows the Admin user—the one who has created the account—to bring their team members together on one sales platform where they get everything they need to organize, track and nurture their leads and customers.

This allows you to add users and assign them different roles & permissions, so you being an Admin can gain visibility into where your coworkers are at any given point in their communication streams with their prospects or customers, how they are performing, is their pipeline full sales leads and much more. Also, it prevents your team members from following up with the same lead when you add a lead or update your contact record (if they have the permission to see your leads and contact info).

Here’s exactly what you can achieve with the amazing multi-user feature:

Assign Roles to Users

The brand new multi-user feature empowers you to assign roles to your team members. This will make your job lot easier. You can easily identify users through their roles and give them permissions to access various information in the Funnel CRM account. These access levels and permissions are included under “Roles” section in the “Users” page, where you’ll get seven different role permissions for each team member.

Funnel CRM - Roles


You can always assign more than one role to a user. The effect of multiple roles is cumulative, which reflects that the user has all the permissions associated with different roles assigned to him/her.

Manage User Permissions

Control what each team member can see and do in the company account with advanced “Role Permissions” and visibility settings. From definitive visibility rules to customizable permissions, gain full control of your company Funnel CRM account. Meaning, your valuable business data will be protected as you need it to be.


For more information about the roles and permissions in Funnel CRM, see our Help Desk articles.

Multi-User in Pro Plan

Multi-User feature is only available to Pro Plan users. Without a Pro Plan subscription, the cloud sales CRM users won’t be able to add their team members. Bear in mind, when new users are added in the sales CRM you will be required to fulfill the payment of the Pro Plan license.

Pricing Update

Funnel CRM is billed by the number of active users in the company Funnel CRM account. Adding a user may increase the cost of your Funnel CRM subscription if the action increases the number of active seats in the account. Want to learn more? Click here.

Final Thoughts

With each new release, Funnel CRM is adding and updating features needed by you. We would love to hear how Funnel CRM is helping your business! Please visit Funnel CRM community page and tell us what you think about the new updates.

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