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How can a CRM help you improve your Inside Sales System? (without the hard work)

Inside sales system is a dominant sales model of identifying leads, nurturing them, and converting them into your customers remotely. That means no wining, no dining, and no cigar lounge. But the million dollar question is, does it work?

Let’s delve into some studies to back up the claim. According to a survey conducted by VPs of sales, 46 percent shifted from a typical field sales model to an inside sales model. In contrast, only 21 percent shifted from an inside sales model to a traditional field sales.

Wait but why?

It’s the most effective, easy, cost-efficient and modern way to manage relationships from afar. This brings us to another important question: How can you optimize your inside sales system?

Well, if you are of the view you can optimize your sales process right off the bat by implementing some new plans on a Monday morning, then think again. Understand that your sales team have to document and follow a well-outlined process. Else, they’ll be running around with no goals and direction.

So the first step is to buy into the fact that you need a simple customer relationship management software like Funnel CRM to achieve this goal. To help you with that, here we have outlined how a simple, Funnel CRM can help you optimize your sales process without all the hard work.

1. Capture Leads You Haven’t Tried for

The overarching goal for any sales business is to generate more qualified leads. The first step in accomplishing this task is to acquire the contact information of the leads so your sales team can start developing the relationship. Essentially, every effort that your sales team make from this point onwards stem from the lead capturing. And one of the most reliable channels for capturing qualified leads is the contact form on your website.

Unfortunately, many small businesses and agencies don’t think they need a contact form on their website. And those who do, fail to keep track of work inquiries coming from their web as they either drift into the depths of their inboxes or the sales people simply forget to follow up on the deals they didn’t receive a reply on.

contact forms

With Funnel CRM, you can overcome both the challenges. The simple web form builder of CRM system will allow you to build and integrate a form to your website in just 30 seconds. That too without having to code a single line. Use simple drag-and-drop options and build a form the way you want it. Paste the couple of lines of code you get into your website and voila.

Once the form is integrated, all your leads will directly land into your Funnel CRM rather in your cluttered inbox. It will allow your sales team to close more deals and never miss following up with a customer again.

2. Send Winning Business Proposals

Finally, you have a prospect in your pipeline and there is never been a better time to send him or her an offer than now. The only question is how you can awe your customer with a professional well-formatted business proposal?

  • Should it be a basic email?
  • Would you rather present it verbally over the phone?
  • Should your sales team seek help to design it?
  • And what type of proposal should you send?

These are some of the questions you need to answer first as you strive to optimize your inside sales process. The last thing you ever want is to let a hot lead go cool because either it took you for too long to send an offer or you didn’t send a winning business proposal in the first place.


Funnel CRM allows your sales personnel to leave a professional impression by sending well-formatted business proposals. Put together rich proposals in the form of a quote or estimate in a matter of minutes and never allow a hot prospect to cool off.

Apart from allowing you to add and format text with ease, the CRM also lets you set the desired currency for an estimate. Furthermore, it automatically calculates the total and eliminates the chance of an error. Based on this feature alone, a lot of users have significantly improved their rate of closing deals.

3. Subtle Art of Negotiating with Prospects

The prospect is hot and the proposal has been sent. If they accept your offer right away that’s awesome. But, it is highly likely you will move to the negotiation phase. And your prospect is going raise some questions and will try to get more for less.

  • So what’s your line of action?
  • How much are you willing to bend in order to seal the deal?
  • What’s the absolute lowest price for your service or product you are willing to offer?

Of course, it’s critical to have the answers to these questions in order to close the deal. But, consistency is the key here. You certainly do not want half of your sales force offering a huge discount and the other half standing firm on a single number.

Again, the Funnel CRM can come in real handy at this stage of the negotiation. Since it gives business executives and owners the power to keep track of the “deals with ongoing negotiations”. Thanks to “Discussing with” feature, your sales staff can keep you and your managers in the loop when negotiating with clients.


It will tell you right away whether your salespeople are resorting to hardball tactics, plundering your profit margins by splitting the difference and meeting the customer halfway, or drawing the customers into creative partnerships.

This will make your inside sales system more transparent and enable you and your sales staff to close more deals and exceed your revenue goals.

All in all, embracing an affordable and powerful customer relationship management solution like Funnel is totally worth your money whether you want to run a successful freelance business or a sales enterprise.

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