Getting Started with Funnel

Getting started with Funnel CRM

One of the most essential thing for any sales business is; whether you offer services or products, you should always have clients or buyers who are willing to pay you for your products or services to ensure the continuity of your business.

Now, this process is very important and can not be completed without any orders if you really want to be able to convert a lead into a customer. A sales CRM is important and Funnel CRM along with its integrations can prove really helpful for you in accomplishing this task.

What is Funnel CRM?

Funnel CRM is a simple and easy-to-use customer relationship management system on the cloud that is designed to help you better manage your customer relations. You can use the program to keep track of your prospects or leads and existing customers.

The sales CRM also helps you complete the most important process of your business; taking a hot lead from an initial phase to negotiations, submitting a proposal and closing the deal with a sale. But that’s not all. You can get more out of this CRM software by integrating Funnel CRM with G Suite.

Furthermore, the CRM also offers a web app that will allow you to perform various activities on the go.

What Can You Do With Funnel CRM?

Funnel CRM lets you create a dedicated workspace outside your email inbox by allowing you to receive work inquiries through web contact forms, manage customer information like a sales CRM, send professional proposals via email and track leads and deals efficiently. So you can close more deals and never miss following up with a customer again.

Who Can Use Funnel CRM?

Funnel CRM is exclusively designed for growing businesses, agencies, startups, and freelancers.

That said, salespeople and top executives at big corporations, along with professional business consultants, digital marketers, lawyers, real estate agents, crypto currency dealers, public relationship/business development officers, solo freelancers, tax preparers, small-medium businesses, etc. can also leverage the user-friendly customer relationship management system.

How to Create a Funnel CRM Account?

The first thing you need to do to start using Funnel CRM is to register for the 14-day free trial which gives you access to all the features, and unlimited deals. No credit cards are required, all you need is a Google account (both Gmail and Google Apps are supported) to create an account in Funnel CRM.

In the sign-up process, you will be taken to a Google-hosted page where you will need to sign in by entering your email or selecting a Google account as many use multiple accounts to sign in (the same goes for logging in).

The final step requires you to fill in your company or business details after which you’ll be ready to use the sales CRM. Your new Funnel CRM account is immediately usable once you will personalize your account.

What can You Personalize in Your Funnel CRM Account?

Once you sign into your new account, you can customize your Funnel CRM “SETTINGS” according to your needs and learn about the most frequently performed operations in the software. Here’s what you can personalize:

How to Personalize Your Funnel CRM Account?

Funnel CRM lets you personalize your company logo, email signature, default proposal terms & conditions, proposal, language/translations, message language/translations apart from allowing you to add images to descriptions.

How to Add Your Company Logo?

Funnel CRM lets you add your company logo. Simply click on the “Settings” from the sidebar on your left and scroll down. You’ll find the “Company Logo” field right below the “Company Name”.

company logo

Hit “Choose File” button to upload your company logo and voila! The logo will appear in your email messages sent to your customers which includes proposals and email confirming the form has been submitted, but not standard deal thread replies.

Make sure you provide a PNG, GIF or a JPG/JPEG file that should be at least 150×150 pixels in size. The image will be scaled and cropped to fit a 75×75 pixel square.

How to Add Email Signature?

Email Signature

With this option, you can add an email signature to all your outgoing email messages, including proposals. Your signature will automatically appear as a footer.

How to Add Images to Descriptions?

Everywhere where you see the text editing toolbar for long-form text, you will see an icon that enables you to add an image.

Add images to description

This allows you to add an as long as it’s already online, and you have its web address (URL).

If you decide to use this feature in proposals, make sure your image is not wider than 516px, otherwise it will poke out of the email’s boundaries which will look rather odd.

How to Change Your Default Proposal Terms and Currency?

The proposal options give you the power to change your “Default Proposal Terms” and “Default Proposal Currency”.

How to Change Your Default Proposal Language and Wording?

Override the default Funnel CRM text into another language or simply different wording of your choice to give it a personal touch using this option.

Default proposal language

How to Set a Preferred Language/Wording for Messages?

Feel free to override Funnel CRM’s default text for “Confirmation Messages”, “Thank You Messages”, etc. This may be a translation into another language or different wording of your choice.

Proffered language for messages

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