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8 Game-changing productivity tools for agencies to scale their business

A solid line-up of productivity and business scaling tools can greatly help digital marketing agencies hack their way to the top. But since we are all in this together and share a common goal — save time and work smarter — so we have curated a master list of productivity tools that’ll help you succeed. No matter you are creating ads, streamlining your sales process or want to better manage your digital agency.

Tools for Ad Management

Honestly, Google Analytics isn’t the only name in the game. However, it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with it. You should use it. But each digital agency has a unique set of needs and clients. Because of that, you need tools with specific functions to better target each client’s niche audience.

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1. Hootsuite Ads:

Hootsuite has simplified Facebook advertisement with Hootsuite Ads, an automated Facebook ad generator. Marketers around the globe are using this tool to identify their popular posts and then find the best places to promote them so they could get more from their best Facebook posts. Since Facebook is still one of the biggest game in town, it is highly likely you are on it with your clients, and this tool will ensure you are making the most that presence.

2. Epom:

Want to create intelligent ads? Don’t look further than Epom. The advanced tool lets you monetize your ad campaigns across different platforms using search data, smart guidance, and social habits. In addition, you will get different levels of service considering how much support you need. You can use Epom for a number of things like optimizing existing campaigns, configuring ad campaigns, setting up traffic options, and assessing the performance of a campaign by generating analytical reports.

Tools for Content Marketing

Jump-starting your content marketing efforts can be a hard slog, especially if you don’t have the right tools to get the job done. To help you offer your audiences content that is both entertaining and useful, here we have listed two best services that will bolster your content marketing efforts.

3. Curata:

Curata is useful for both content curation and content marketing. The amazing content marketing tool lets you see what’s working most effectively for you by analyzing the content.  The self-learning search engine of Curata allows you to identify the best content. Also, you can use it to curate and publish the content you want to push through, either on Curata’s optimized blog or your CMS.

4. Buzz Interactive:

Buzz Interactive offers a wide spectrum of digital services including writing service. They provide high-quality blog posts, press releases, web content and more for affordable prices. The best thing about them is they have specific tools for digital agencies looking to outsource copywriting for their clients. Their expert writers can craft compelling content for any niche or industry and offer white-label features that will enable you to produce content at scale.

Tools for Customer Relationship Management

Managing the customer relationship is another important aspect of agencies, and the below-mentioned tools will help you to scale as a business.

5. Funnel CRM:

It can be overwhelming when you are trying to manage everything from gathering leads to interacting with clients, and sending quotes to jotting down important notes. Funnel CRM may be a centralized tool that can ease your pain. The intelligent CRM for agencies allows you to boost your sales productivity by allowing you to create quotes or proposals faster than ever, automate manual tasks, land leads directly into the cloud CRM, and bring all your interactions to one place.

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Funnel CRM is an excellent tool when you want your staff to actively follow up with new leads or get back with a client who hasn’t been in touch lately. The CRM for agencies has a 14-day free trial as well as paid plans that will be easy on your budget than the popular and complicated cloud CRM software available on the market.

6. Aiva Labs:

Aiva Labs is another prominent customer relationship management tool that makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize the conversion process and ensure your clients’ websites are mobile responsive. It will eliminate the need to hire someone for optimizing onsite campaigns and creating mobile iterations every time. This can prove really useful when your team is worn out from unending multi-variant testing, but you know how critical it is to optimize every piece of the puzzle in order to gain conversions.

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Tools for Project Management

A great project management tool can make a huge difference, and you can find some awesome tools out there that can make it happen for you. Below are two of our favorite project management tools.

7. Basecamp:

At this point, Basecamp is one of the original gangsters (OG) of project management. The central function of the tool includes tasks you can share with clients, assignable to-do lists, chatting via campfire, file sharing to have the latest versions at all times, automatic check-in requests to ensure your milestones don’t go unnoticed, messaging on projects, and scheduling through its integrated calendar functions. Most importantly, Basecamp is easy to use for both your team and clients, which is a huge benefit.

8. Slack:

Agencies that have team communication as their no.1 goal can greatly benefit from Slack. The handy tool enables your team to efficiently communicate with one another and in small groups. Plus, it allows you to share all kinds of documents. But, the key feature of the tool is smooth and lightweight communication that integrates well irrespective of the device you use no matter wherever you are located.

We hope you will find this list of tools for agencies useful. And now that you are all out of excuses it’s time to get out there and pick the best tools to scale your business.

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