3 ways crm can improve customer experience

3 Ways CRM Can Improve Customer Experience

It is essential for businesses to ensure that customers get exemplary support for their overall satisfaction if they wish to acquire as well as retain customers.

Technology has considerably evolved and has raised the standards for businesses where they are now required to create a sense of immediacy, enhanced digital experience, and personalize as per requirements.

Organizations are looking to improve customer experience in order to retain customers and garner their loyalty.

To achieve this, businesses are striving to ensure their happiness and satisfaction. This serves as the basis of their customer experience strategy. Masses are inclined towards those brands that keep them content and satisfied.

This satisfaction can be achieved when the service or product works perfectly with unmatched customer service.

What is CRM and How it is Interlinked to Customer Satisfacton ?

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Do you know that 67 percent of consumers and 74 percent of business buyers are willing to pay more for great customer experience.

In recent times, customer experience has become the primary aspect of any successful business. HubSpot defines customer experience as “the impression you leave with your customer, resulting in how they think of your brand, across every stage of the customer journey.”

To be precise, if you fail to offer a comfortable environment for customers, your business can never be successful. Often times, businesses are unable to find the root cause of their demise. Whether or not you have captured the intended market segments with your high quality and feature-packed products, if your customers do not feel valued – you are missing on something BIG!

The trend of focusing on customer experience started gaining attention a few years ago. In 2010, only 36 percent of the company competed on the basis of customer experience. Today, the ratio has increased to a staggering 89 percent as companies are striving hard to improve customer experience.

Why is Customer Experience Important?

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To answer this, let us begin with a question! Why do you need to ensure that your customer experience is exemplary?

In today’s time, whatever a brand does plays an important role in enhancing the customer experience. Be it research, advertising, or marketing – all have a profound impact on how your customers behave before, during, and after a buying journey.

CRM for customer experience, also known as customer experience management (CXM), is considered to be the most significant investment that helps in sustaining in a competitive business environment.

Why Should You Improve Customer Experience?


Have you ever felt annoyed and frustrated when you are unable to perform a basic task? As simple as adding a product to cart, or deleting an account?

My personal experience involves when I tried deleting my Instagram account from within the application. The photo-sharing social networking service does not have the delete option, and users who wish to delete their accounts should access the page via website. This created such a poor experience.

Nevertheless, it has become essential for businesses and/or brands to proactively invest in good customer experience by delighting customers at every touch point.

The three primary reasons why companies have to consistently provide a good experience to its customers are:

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: According to Genesys, it is believed that a good experience improves overall customer satisfaction by 33 percent.
  • Increase Up-Selling & Cross-Selling: The same study shows that businesses have higher chances of upselling and/or cross-selling their offerings to customers.
  • Improve Customer Retention: A good customer experience improves customer retention by 42 percent allowing businesses to create lasting relationships with their clients.

3 Ways CRM Improves Customer Experience

Gone are the days when customers considered product and price in mind to make a buying decision or choosing between two brands

Now, customer experience has become the leading brand differentiator according to a study published by Walker.

Nearly 50 percent of people prefer good customer experience when it comes to a buying decision. Therefore, CRM for customer experience has become extremely important to any business strategy.

Whether you are just beginning or struggling to make an impact, here are 3 ways CRM can improve customer experience.

1. Stay Connected With Your Customers

Consider CRM for customer experience as a loyalty enhancement tool.


It is important for businesses to engage in meaningful, ongoing communication with their clients to offer excellent customer experience. To achieve this, CRM helps in numerous ways. A Customer Relationship Management System automates several tasks for efficiency and productivity purposes, including marketing.

If a customer has provided relevant details and you have permission to contact; using a CRM, you can keep in touch with them.

Send out email messages containing available offers, deals, product releases, or weekly/monthly newsletters. Without little to no effort, you can provide them valuable information about your company and its offerings.

Rest assured, this guarantees a good, positive customer experience.

 2. Assure Them That You Are Listening

According to a study published by Campaign Monitor, nearly 62 percent of customers will reportedly open your marketing emails if it has a personalized subject line.

To be fair, no one likes receiving an email that has no connection. Therefore, personalizing your communication plays a pivotal role in improving customer experience.

Sending a personalized email message with subject lines that entices customer attention is likely to have more open rates. This is possible using a CRM system where marketing managers can choose the best subject line and email body respectively.

3. Foster Personal Relationships

Businesses can provide an improved, consistent customer experience by fostering personal relationships with their clients.

With CRM, you can access each information about a particular customer allowing you to learn about them. This information can be used to personalize communication, ask for feedback or feature request, or follow up regarding customer service.

Furthermore, a CRM also records the action your existing or potential client performs; for instance, clicking on a product link in an email. This gives you a head start to offer tailored services suited for their needs and budget.

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